Poultry Disease

Tag: Egg Drop Syndrome 76' (EDS 76')

Egg Drop Syndrome (EDS ’76) a viral disease of chickens and quail, is characterized by a drastic drop in egg production (typically 10-50%) as well as the production of abnormal eggs in apparently healthy hens and quails. The diseases is caused by duck atadenovirus A, a member of the genus Atadenovirus and family Adenoviridae. Initial symptoms include varied egg dys-morphologies (e.g., deformed, soft-shell, shell-less and loss of shell color in brown eggs). The EDS virus is mainly spread vertically through the embryonated eggs. In breeder eggs, inadequate hatchability is commonly observed. Vaccination using inactivated vaccines is considered preventive. This vaccine is given at or near point of lay, usually between 14 and 20 weeks of age.

The vaccine is recommended for vaccination of chickens against Egg Drop Syndrome '76.

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