Biovac possesses over 30 years of experience
in biological vaccines and drugs
Biovac – when science,
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Our products


A variety of veterinary drugs designed for the treatment of a large group of pathogens

Vitamins and dietary supplements

Water-soluble dietary supplements that support poultry breeding

Live vaccines

Single or combined live attenuated vaccines provide an adequate immune response against a myriad of pathogens


A wide variety of cleaning agents and disinfectants for livestock

Inactivated vaccines

Inactivated vaccines, monovalent or combined, elicit a robust immune response against a variety of pathogens

Pest control

A plethora of pesticides for livestock

Biovac Ltd., founded in 1989, is a leading company in the veterinary market in Israel, operating in research, development, manufacturing and distribution of vaccines, veterinary preparations, vitamins & dietary supplements, and disinfection of chicken coops and greenhouses. In addition to its activities in production plants, the company focuses on marketing and distributing of its veterinary preparations in Israel and worldwide, accompanied by professional support to agricultural growers. The company holds a national marketing system, including a pharmaceuticals trading house, regional issuance warehouses and a customer service system that includes veterinarians, and marketing & sales personnel.

Biovac has highlighted excellence as one of its main organizational values and has defined striving to meet international excellence standard as a strategic goal. The company’s products are under the constant supervision of quality control laboratories approved and supervised by the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health. The plants hold ISO 9001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificates. The company guarantees quality of its products and preparations in the markets, and the provision of quality service to its clients.

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The Agricultural Department

Biovac’s Agricultural Department handles disinfection of chicken coop and greenhouse structures.

The company works with a variety of disinfectants in accordance with the client’s specifications, while being supported by the company’s own manufacturing organization providing a wide and varied spectrum of preparations. Its activity is conducted in accordance with strict safety procedures, which goal is to ensure the safety of the employees, and protection of the environment and animals to inhabit these structures.  

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