Biovac Group

The Biovac Group is a consortium of 4 companies

Biovac Biological and Pharmaceutical Laboratories

Biovac Ltd., founded in 1989, is a leading company in the veterinary branch in Israel, operating in the fields of research, development, manufacturing and distribution of vaccines, veterinary preparations, vitamins & dietary supplements, and chicken coop and greenhouse disinfection.

The company distributes its products in Israel and worldwide.

The company possesses a nation-wide marketing and distribution organization.

The company specializes in the development, manufacturing and marketing of vaccines and veterinary drugs and the provision of complete solutions in its field to the Israeli self–production animal branches.

Biovac invests greatly in research, development and infrastructure. Its plants currently include laboratories that are unique in bio production such as BSL 3 and a Beta–lactam manufacturing system – in pharmaceutical manufacturing settings.

Tapazol Chemical Works     

Tapazol Chemical Works Ltd., was founded in 1932. The company engages in research, development, manufacturing and marketing of agricultural pesticides, sanitation products and veterinary pest control. The manufacturing site and headquarters are located in Beit Shemesh. The company holds a national marketing and distribution system including regional warehouses, distribution trucks and professional instructors. The company’s team of agronomists, together with the development laboratories, engages in providing solutions to farmers and developing new pesticides. The company specializes and invests greatly in research, development and manufacturing infrastructure to provide a complete in-house solution in its field of expertise. The company’s products are under the constant supervision of quality control laboratories. The company holds ISO – 9001, 14001, 18001 Quality Standard certificates.

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Arpal Alumayer

The Arpal Alumayer Group was founded in 1986 as the first system house of its kind in Israel.

Arpal is a private company specializing in the design and development of aluminum products to the construction market and in provision of advanced solutions to professionals. 

As a provider of advanced solutions for professionals, Arpal views itself as the flagship of innovation in its field of experties. Arpal invests greatly in research and development and employs expert engineers with knowledge and multiple years of experience in the aluminum field, who labor to develop current series and innovative solutions in the areas of windows, doors, display cabinets, and screen walls. Arpal’s accumulated knowledge, great engineering capability and creative thinking enable it to offer its clients professional comprehensive solutions for the building’s exterior and openings.

Protection of building openings – Arpal develops unique protection means for building openings (windows, doors, and screen walls) against terror threats in Israel and worldwide.

Alubin Aluminum Industries

The Alubin company is one of the oldest leading companies in Israel for the production and supply of aluminum profiles for construction and industry. Alubin has positioned itself as the market leader in the field of building aluminum system manufacturing and development since its founding in 1958. Alubin carries a wide variety of solutions in the field of aluminum windows and doors, the development of high-quality cutting-edge aluminum systems is the company’s top value. Alubin’s Development Department and Training Department are at the service of architects and aluminum contractors for and any need arising in the field, including planning, consulting and adjustment of company products required in large projects.



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