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Company profile


Biovac LTD. that was founded in 1989, is a leading figure in the veterinary arena in Israel. Biovac LTD. is engaged in R&D, manufacture and distribution of veterinary vaccines, preparations, vitamins & dietary supplements, as well as in chicken coop/greenhouse disinfection and pesticide control. Headquartered in Israel, Biovac LTD. markets and distributes its veterinary products (in Israel and) worldwide. The company holds a national marketing system that consists of regional distribution centers and a customer support service that are operated by veterinarians and marketing & sales personnel.

Biovac LTD has highlighted excellence as its core organizational value and strives to meet international excellence standards as a strategic goal. The company’s plethora of products are supervised by quality control laboratories that are approved and supervised by the Israeli Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Health. Biovac LTD. holds both ISO 9001 and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certificates, thus guaranteeing the quality of its products and services to its valued clients.


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