Virsin 140


Inactivated vaccine against Egg Drop Syndrome, ’76 – 127 strain – in oil emulsion

Egg drop syndrome – 1976 (EDS –’76) is a viral disease of chickens and quail, is characterized by a decrease in egg production accompanied by a reduction in egg quality. The syndrome is caused by an adenovirus with transmission occurring vertically and horizontally.
Incubation period: 10-24 days.
The major symptoms are a variable decrease in egg production and the production of abnormal eggs.

Additional information


The vaccine is recommended for vaccination of chickens against Egg Drop Syndrome '76.

Indications for use

Use by instructions of a veterinarian.
Vaccinate only a healthy flock.
Apply stringent aseptic procedure.
Warm vaccine to room temperature (20ºC-25ºC), just before use.
Shake well before and during use.
For future layers use at least 2-4 weeks prior to the onset of egg production.
Discard remained unused vaccine.

Administration and dosage

0.5 ml per bird. S.C.


Do not expose vaccine to direct sunlight.
In case of injecting oil emulsion to human, see a physician immediately


Store at 2ºC-8ºC.
Do not freeze.


500 ml bottle containing 1,000 doses


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