Acarithin 1%



Permethrin is synthetic pyrethroid that acts as an adulticide insecticide/miticide.
Permethrin acts by disrupting the sodium channel current in arthropod nerve cell membranes, resulting in paralysis and death.

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Permethrin 1%


Acarithin powder is used to control mites and lice in poultry. The product is effective in ‎the control of feather mites (Knemidocoptes gallinae) and fowl mites even after a single ‎application.‎

Administration and dosage

Layer hens: about 10 g per hen
Breeder hens: about 15 g per hen. (Single application on each hen)
Laying boxes: about 10 g per box


To control red fowl mites (Dermanyssus gallinae), spray structure, laying boxes, troughs and feeders with Acarithin 20 after removing hens from hen house (repeat after 10 days) and according to the treating veterinarian's instructions.


1 liter

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