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Freeze Dried Live Vaccine – Fowl Pox – SPF origin


Fowl pox is a mild to severe, slow-developing disease of birds caused by avipoxvirus. The disease is characterized by wart-like nodules on the skin and diphtheritic necrotic membranes lining the mouth and upper respiratory system. In domestic poultry, infections cause an economically important disease. Active immunity develops following natural infection or after immunization with live vaccines. Replication of the vaccinal virus at the inoculation site results in development of a local inflammatory process also known as vaccinal ‘take’. The presence of vaccinal ‘take’ is an indication that the bird was vaccinated.

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Each dose contains attenuated live Fowl Pox virus, at least 10 3.0EID50.


Immunization of chickens & turkeys against Fowl Pox via wing-web stab method.

Administration and dosage

Use by instructions of a veterinarian.
Reconstitution: Do not reconstitute the vaccine until ready to begin vaccination.
Reconstitute the vaccine with BIOVAC FOWL POX DILUENT.
For manual needle application, use 4 ml of diluent, per 1,000 doses. For automatic Fowl Pox syringe, use 2.5 ml diluent, per 1,000 doses.
The vaccine is applied by the wing web method. Dip the enclosed needle into the diluted vaccine and vaccinate each bird through the skin in the wing-web area. Dip the applicator before each application. Turkeys: The vaccine should be applied twice by applicator.
This vaccine may be used with an automatic fowl pox syringe.
Ensure that syringe was properly sterilized.
Check for Takes: Examine and record takes on 10% of the flock 7-10 days following vaccination. A scab or swelling of the skin at the site of vaccine application is indicative for a satisfactory vaccination. At least 80% positive birds is an evidence of successful vaccination.


• Vaccinate healthy birds only.
• Use entire contents of the vial when first opened.
• Destroy unused contents and decontaminate empty vials before discarding them.
• Keep vaccination records including vaccine batch number.

Withdrawal period



Vaccine: Store at 2ºC-8ºC, protected from direct sunlight.
Diluent: Store in a cool and dark place.


Vaccine: Each box contains 10 vials of 1,000 doses each.
Diluent: Each box contains 10 vials of 4 ml, for manual needle application, or 2.5 ml for automatic Fowl Pox syringe.

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