Wide range powder product for disinfecting structures & surfaces against viruses, bacteria & fungi

The peroxy compounds are microbiocides. When mixed with water and applied by spraying, fogging or immersing, they kill bacteria, fungi and viruses on hard surfaces including equipment, floors and walls, indoors in agricultural premises, food establishments, commercial/industrial locations, hospital/medical institutions, and bathrooms in residences. Galoxide that contains potassium peroxymonosulfate sulfate is formulated as  a soluble concentrate.

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Potassium peroxomonosulfate 52%
Sulfamic acid 5%


GALOXID has an affective activity against a wide range of viruses, bacteria and fungi. The product is appointed for disinfecting agriculture structures, storage structures, dairy farms, chicken coop, stables and hatcheries.

Indications for use

1. Disinfecting structures, surfaces and equipment: the treated structures must be empty from animals and animal feed. Clean well the structures, surfaces and equipment intended to be disinfected.
2. GALOXID can be used to prepare a shoe dipping solution for the entrance to chicken coop and agriculture structures and/or car wheel dipping pit in the entrance to agriculture farms.

Administration and dosage

1. structures, surfaces and equipment-Dosage: dissolve 10 grams of GALOXID in 1 liter of water (1:100 concentration) and spray in the amount of 300 ml. for 1 sqm (30 Liter for 100 sqm). To estimate the amount of GALOXID required for disinfecting the structure, including walls and ceiling, multiply the floor area by 2.5.
2. shoe dipping- Dosage: dissolve 10 grams of GALOXID in 1 liter of water.


Keep away from children.
Do not eat, drink or smoke during application.
Make sure the treated room/hall is empty from people/animals.
During application use safety goggles, appropriate long sleeves clothing, protective mask with ABEK P2 filter and rubber gloves appropriate for chemical material.
Do not inhale or swallow the dust.
Avoid skin or eye contact.
Wash hands and other body parts that were exposed to the product with soap and water after use.

Special warnings

Damages if swallowed or inhaled and can cause serious damages to the skin, eyes and respiratory system.
Environmental warnings:Toxic for marine creatures. Use caution not to pollute water sources and drains. Do not throw out to drains concentrated product-Dilute with large quantities of water.


Store in original package in a locked, cool, dark place, appropriate for chemical products.
Keep away from children, unauthorized personal and animals.


1, 5 Kg.

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