SP (Water soluble powder)

Cyromazine is an insect growth regulator, with contact action, interfering with moulting and pupation.
It is used in agriculture to control flies and mosquitoes.

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Cyromazine 50%‎‏


Cyrokal is an insect growth regulator (I.G.R.) that inhibits the growth and development of ‎larvae to the adult stage and results in their extermination.
As a result of this mechanism, ‎the number of larvae that pupate decreases and the vulnerability of hatching and pupating ‎larvae increases.
The product is designed for use at fly incubation sites on agricultural ‎farms: hen houses, stys, cattle sheds, garbage heaps and other locations that are prone ‎to fly incubation on agricultural farms.‎

Administration and dosage

Dilute 1 g Cyrokal in 100-200 ml water for each 1 sq.m. area to be treated (or 1 kg Cyrokal in 100-200 L water for every 1,000 sq.m. area to be treated). Final concentration after dilution: 0.33%. Ensure continuous spraying and full coverage of surface.
Application time: From onset of incubation season throughout the summer, before the development of larva populations.
Application on chicken dung (layer hen houses):
Start extermination before larvae appear, starting from the onset of growth, on a dung layer no more than 2-4 cm high.
Application frequency: Repeat application every 6 weeks or when a layer of dung is no more than 7-10 cm high.


0.5, 1 Liter‎

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