Soluble powder – A source of supplemental copper for chickens and turkeys

Copper sulfate is an algaecide, bactericide, and fungicide. The copper ion is the component of copper sulfate with toxicological implications. Copper ions appear to bind to functional groups of protein molecules in fungi and algae and cause protein denaturation, producing cell damage and leakage.
Copper is vital in the body as a component or cofactor in enzyme systems involved in iron transport and metabolism, red blood cell formation and immune function. It is involved in both cell-mediated immunity (helping to eliminate invading bacteria) and humoral immunity (helping to produce antibodies). Copper can contribute to intestinal health in two ways. As an antimicrobial agent, copper can prevent disturbances in the balance of microflora. It can also help the gut respond to infections, injury and inflammation. Copper is involved in protecting cells from free radical damage as a component of superoxide dismutase and copper enhances iron transport as part of ceruloplasmin.

Additional information


Copper sulfate 80%
Citric Acid 20%


For the nutritional supplementation, treatment of candidiasis, flagellates or diarrhea in chickens and turkeys.

Administration and dosage

Dissolve 0.3-0.5 gr. in 1 liter of drinking water for 3 to 5 days.
Use as sole source of water.

Special warnings

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption.
Use only non-metal containers when mixing concentrated solutions.


Store in a cool, dry place.


1 Kg

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