Chlorigal T


A disinfectant effective against all major infectious microorganisms

Chloramine-T, as an anti-microbial agent, has had widespread use in a broad range of practices, including medical, dental, veterinary, food processing, and agricultural. As a disinfectant, it is used to disinfect surfaces and instruments. Chloramine-T has a low degree of cytotoxicity and has been used in direct contact with tissues. In agricultural practices, chloramine-T has been approved as a broad-spectrum biocide for foot-and-mouth disease, swine vesicular disease, diseases of poultry, and tuberculosis in the United Kingdom, and is used in numerous branches of industry such as intensive farming and slaughterhouses.

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Sodium N-chloro-para-toluenesulfonamide (Chloramine T) 100.0%


CHLORIGAL T is a highly effective against bacteria (Gram positive and Gram negative), viruses (naked as well as enveloped) and fungi in all animal housing systems.

Administration and dosage

Egg disinfection: CHLORIGAL T, is an excellent disinfectant for hatchery eggs at 0.3% (3 g/L water). To prevent absorption of the solution by the eggshell, the temperature must go up a few degrees in each consecutive step.
Equipment & Surfaces:The equipment and/or the structure must be washed and cleaned well before the disinfecting action. Disinfecting non-food contact surfaces (such as floors, walls and equipment): 1% (10 g/L water) and apply 0.3-0.4 L/m2.
Vehicle disinfection: 1% (10 g/L water).
Water system disinfection: Birds out 0.5% (5 g/L); birds in 3-20 g/1000L of water.
Recommended concentrations in aquaculture:
• Tank and pond disinfection 1-2%
• Equipment disinfection 1%
• Water treatment – Fresh water raceway ponds 10-20 mg for 1 hr; can be repeated up to 4 times of consecutive or alternate days
• Water treatment – Stagnant water ponds 3 ppm once a week

Special warnings

Do not breathe dust. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Wear protective clothing, rubber gloves appropriate for chemical material and safety goggles. Avoid skin and eye contact.
Wash hands in brakes and after use.


Store in original package in a locked, cool, dark place, appropriate for chemical products.
Keep away from children, unauthorized personal and animals.


1, 5 Kg

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